Guide to Using 100 Number Square


The first classic teaching resource that was created for the Numeracy Basics app was the 100 Square.  It is a rare primary school classroom that does not have a few 100 squares in them.

They are not universally loved.  The NumDrum, for example, was invented to overcome some of the perceived weaknesses of the 100 Square.

Nevertheless many children are familiar with the use of a 100 square and they remain useful to provide a visual support to learning new concepts.  A number of 100 squares exist on Apple app store.  One of the strengths of the one included in the Numeracy Basics app is that it has an online mirror version.  A class can see the same resource on an a interactive whiteboard and receive individual support from the teacher using the same resource on an iPad.  This also means you can try it out (as well as all of the other resources) before parting with your cash.

One of the criticisms that the Numeracy Basics app has received (on the Australian iTunes store) is that it is not a game.It relies entirely on the teacher to structure the learning experience.  They can use it as an explanatory aid, a starting point for discussion, for the children to utilise in their calculations, etc.  This is quite deliberate and the features it has have been chosen to make it a general resource not a specific one.

That being said I can see the case for providing some support to those who may not have used a 100 number square before.  New teachers, parents trying to support their child’s learning, or for when you just can’t think.  To that end I have been preparing a printable guide with a number of ideas of how the number square can be used.  It can be downloaded at the end of this post.  It includes guides to how the number square can be used as well as short worksheets that provide some hints on using the number square to answer the questions.

None of the uses or ideas described are original.  They are ones that I have encountered over time in various classrooms and have just collated into this convenient form.

If you have additional ideas on how to use the 100 square in Numeracy Basics please leave them in the comments.  I’ll then add them into future updates of the pdf.

If you find this guide useful in association with the app please leave a review in the app store.

Download Ideas for the 100 Square Guide.