NUmeracy Basics: The update

Numeracy Basics App
Some time back I released the first app from detailing its design and the motivations behind it in a post on this site.  The motivations remain the same but the design has radically changed.  As detailed in the post the last app was released because I had developed 5 resources to release on in HTML5.  Not to rehash this but, basically HTML5 is not ready for such deployment.  So I made them into an app to save all of the work from being a waste.

The app turned out okay and has been downloaded quite a few times but, I must admit, I’ve never been that happy about its rough edges that came as a result of trying to keep the performance in HTML5 acceptable.  So I have rewrote the resources, better, slicker and more improved and pushed it as an update so all of those who have already bought it get it as well.

This version is not in HTML5 it uses Flash. A development language that many thought may be reaching the end of its life.  The most recent incarnation allows good performance when packaged for iPad (note it cannot run from the web on iPad) and, to my mind, a fantastic possibility of being able to write a resource once for both iPad and the web.  The resources in this app will be available just like the rest of my site, for free and with no advertisements, on the web.  For those who see a use for them on iPad they can buy them from the appstore (at the lowest price tier I can set except for free).  Even better for the user you can try before you buy.  If you aren’t sure, have a look at the IWB resources and decide if you can use them in a small group or one to one role.  If you can use them on the iPad you then have the added advantage of being able to teach the whole class from the IWB but provide close up assistance with the same resource on an iPad.

The new tag line for the app is “Classic Teaching Resources” as I think this better sums up what it is.

At this time of writing there is period of transition as I update the site while awaiting Apple’s approval for the new version to go out.  If you are a user of this app I would be grateful of you coul leave a review of the app in the appstore.  I chose not to put any prompts into the app asking you to as these could be distracting at the wrong time.

Have a look at the resources on the IWB by going to

or see the app on the app store
Available on app store