Why teacherLEDplus?

Note this site while live is under initial development not so is not being actively publicised or linked to until it is in a ready state.  Hence many links and articles are incomplete or missing.

TeacherLED.com has now been running for nearly 3 years and at the time of writing is used in about 3000 classrooms per week day.  Increasingly I have wanted to expand on the use of these resources, describe what I was thinking when I made them and explain ways I use them that are not immedaiately obvious.  I have been reluctant to do that on teacherLED.com as its focus has always been on the interactive whiteboard resources themselves and I did not want to swamp those with additional information and resources.  So here is teacherLEDplus.com.  A place to put all of the information that I think supports the parent site.

On this site I will provide supporting resources and lesson ideas for the IWB resources on teacherLED.com.  Many of these will be created by me but I will also be able to provide information about resources from a number of sources that work well with teacherLED.com

As a working teacher I use the resources that I program for that site in my own lessons.  In my teaching role I have a focus on what in the UK is described as Gifted and Talented (G&T).  As an offshoot of this I am also involved in providing the type of in depth thinking skills lessons that are often asscoiated with G&T to students who are not themselves identified as such.  The reasoning being that all students can benefit from developing persistence and analytical skills.  A significant proportion of this site will, therefore, be focussed on making it easier to deliver these rich task based lessons to children.  I hope that teachers will be able to pick up a lesson from this site and be able to deliver it easily without having to spend hours preparing it.

Please check back regularly to see what is on offer and if you like it let your colleagues know.  You may also want to subscribe the RSS feed on this site so that you are notified of new resources.  You can also be informed of new releases and update as well as being able to feedback to me by following me on Twitter.